Friday, January 16, 2009

Well, prayers didn't help!

Coach Robinson was laid off today. He worked night staff for Starr Commonwealth for three and a half years. He meant so much to the youth who are at the facility and keeps in contact with many of those who completed the treatment program and are now out in the normal world.

Out of the kindness of his heart he told them he would work tonight since tonight they only had one night staff and they have to have two. He'll be paid for working tonight. He also said by union contract they have to pay him severance for the next 30 days so at least he'll have base income for the next month, plus the current pay period. And at least his health benefits continue for another 30 days.

So now please pray that the employer will re-hire him back when they open up another unit, which they say they hope to do within 30 days. And also pray that maybe he finds a better job before that.

Hang in there Coach! I'm praying for you and so are hundreds and thousands of Saints!

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