Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Life Back To Normal?

Well, things seem to be back to normal after a chaotic month.

Coach Robinson got recalled to work and returned to work last night from his 30 day lay off. A few other parents of my friends also returned to work, or got a new job and started work this week. But there are still a lot of my friends who's parents are still unemployed.

The stimulus package that just passed..... a BIG shortfall for the American people. Sure, it helps big business but what does it mean to you and other taxpayers?

Yep, you take home more off of each pay check. My mom is grateful for that. BUT, and it is a big BUTT (no pun intended). If you take home more off of a paycheck that means at the end of the year when you file your tax return, you end up OWING instead of a refund. For those who make less than $45k a year, you probably will only owe $100 to $200. But anyone who is middle class, you will owe $500 to $1000. SO what does that mean? More people going into debt, and filing for bankruptcy, etc. This stimulus bill does not help the average or below average American. It helps only the middle class and the wealthy. And not to mention that big business. Barack has failed on his promise to the poor.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sleeping Problems

Well, I have a sleep disorder. That has been confirmed. I haven't been sleeping well for at least a couple months and finally my mom had me go to a "sleep center" so they can monitor me during sleep. Seems my brain waves while sleeping, is not where they should be.

The doctor put me on a prescription sleep aid medication. I hope this doesn't make me groggy every morning at school, or make me be tired all the time. But he promised me that it would just help me get to sleep and allow me to get into a deeper sleep, and should easily wear off before I wake up.

When I can't sleep I'm usually on Facebook playing games and making new friends. So its not like I'm sleepless AND bored. LOL.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Seems the power at be are being real strict in regards to censorship. A friend of mine has a blog that is basically photos of his swim team from school, and the blogger folks deem that is adult content? Why? Is it because it is pictures of high school boys in speedos? GET OVER IT PEOPLE! I also got an email from the blogger staff telling me I had to remove TheJoe's video from my blog because it was "inappropriate" and "suggestive". Well folks, TOUGH SHIT. I'm not about to remove something that is creative and funny. Our world is far to critical any more. Remember the days you could take a piss behind a tree and it wasn't any big deal. You can't do that any more or be charged with indecent exposure and put in jail. Public swimming pools guys can't wear speedos, and some pools require boys to wear t-shirts and not allowed to go shirtless. EXCUSE ME! In Netherlands, Italy and other European countries, hell, walking outside nude is common and frequent. Speedos worn on the beaches. Our country is no longer FREE folks. Our government has passed so many laws that restrict our freedom. I'm sorry, but if I want to swim in a speedo and go shirtless, that IS MY RIGHT AND I AM GOING TO DO SO.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Time

Who am I going to root for? Arizona Cardinals. I hate the Steelers. Most of my friends are rooting for the Steelers, and in a way I'd be happy to see former Ohio State Buckeye Santonio Holmes win a Super Bowl ring.

BUT, I'm going with the underdog. GO CARDINALS!