Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Moving On.....

First, thank you to all my friends and relatives who gave me so much support after my mother passed away. Especially my friends in the Saints of America, and Coach Robinson. It's amazing how such good friends can make a tragedy like this seem like nothing.

I also want to thank my grandpa, who is taking me in and now will be essentially my father. He inherited my mom's home and we'll live here in Ohio during the school year and at his home in Nova Scotia during the summer. My grandpa is a retired airline pilot and former Grand Banks fisherman. He's an onery cuss but he's a great guy. He's already taught me a lot about life in just a week. I have a feeling I'm going to learn a lot from him.

School started yesterday and I got a little angry because everyone kept giving me more sympathy. I don't need more sympathy because I'm passed it all.

Oh, who did I meet while with my grandpa in Nova Scotia? Robert DeNiro. I guess he has a cottage near where my grandpa lives (Herring Cove). My grandpa says they are best of friends even though Robert DeNiro is only there about a month the whole year. But Robert DeNiro is a terrific guy. I've never really been a fan of his, but I'll guarantee I'm going to go watch a lot of his movies that I probably haven't seen.

The people in Nova Scotia are very simple people, and very friendly. I felt like everyone had known me for my whole life. A lot of fisherman up there. I learned a lot about fishing in just a week. And next summer I hope to join a fishing boat as a deck hand just to see what that is like. I keep imagining THE DEADLIEST CATCH, THE PERFECT STORM, etc.

Physically I'm maturing very rapidly. I now have to shave daily. I'm actually letting my sideburns grow out down to my jaw bone. All the males in my family have a lot of facial hair. My grandfather is gray haired and full gray beard. He looks like an ole fisherman. LOL. I'm now just shy of 6' tall. I've grown six inches over the past 14 months! And I'm not that skinny little boy anymore either. I've bulked up, probably from working out at the Saints of America gym.

I joined the cross country team at school this year. The first workout, man, I defintely have a lot more respect for long distance runners. After about the 2nd mile, I was struggling. But I see cross country as something to help keep me in shape. I'm growing fast and if I don't work out and stay in shape I'll start putting on fat and extra weight. Most of the males in my family are overweight, even though my grandpa has done well to lose his weight.

Oh yeah, I ate a lot of Sea Bass, Swordfish, Herring and Lobster while in Nova Scotia. The people up there really know how to steam and cook fish. It doesn't even smell like fish. I've never been a big fish eater, but I really enjoyed the meals while up there. DELICIOUS!

That's all for now. Again, thanks to everyone for their support during the week after my mother's passing away. You all were wonderful. Thank you and God Bless.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My mother passed away......

I'm sure many of you who read my blog and know me on Facebook have heard by now. My mother was in a car accident and died last night. I wish I could say it was the other person's fault but it wasn't. She had just finished working a 12 hour day and apparently wasn't paying attention and ran a stop sign, and a van going 55mph smashed right into the driver side door. She suffered a couple hours before she finally gave in.

Only a couple of you knew my mom had cancer and the worst kind. I've just never told many though anyone who would visit me at home could tell my mom was not doing very well. So I see this accident now as a blessing, in that she doesn't have to suffer any more.

Last weekend we had a family reunion and I guess we'll have another one this weekend. My mother requested no viewing and to be cremated. Her ashes and churn to be given to her sister in Michigan. The formal service will be Sunday at 1pm at the Great Hall of the Saints of America facility and social gathering to follow at the Boat House. It is NOT an open gathering. Only relatives. Small private affair. That is what my mom wanted.

Our house was to be given to me, but I'm sure my mom expected to live until I was old enough to live on my own. I guess since I'm not 18 whatever she gave me goes into a "trust" that will be turned over to me when I become an adult. I have relatives in Michigan, Colorado, England, and in Nova Scotia. The question is who can take me in. We'll decide that this weekend. But most likely I'll be moving away from Ohio.

Please, don't send flowers, cards or anything. Your sympathy and prayers are enough. I have lots of friends who are supporting and comforting me. Everyone, especially Coach Robinson, have been great. I love all of you, especially Coach, Doc, and all the Saints of America members. If I hadn't been in this organization I don't know how I'd be doing right now. So God Bless all of you. Oh yes, I'm sure Nana Ina has been praying for me. Thank you Ina!

I'll update my blog once I know where I'm going to live, and after the family gathering.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer Winding Down

With summer winding down comes the dawn of another school year. And with that a lot of things will keep me busy.

We are currently in our last initiation class for Saints of America for the summer. So I'll be busy with that this week and next. They are currently taking nominations for officers for the coming school year. I've decided not to run again for Communications, but I'm going after the Secretary's job. Noah Smeltzer said he's going to run for Communications and I've nominated him today. But several others will be running for that office too.

I signed up for my classes last week. The required stuff is Geometry, Chemistry, Accounting and Speech. UGH, Speech. I'm also signed up to take Cooking. (mom made me take it). Of course I have Physical Education II this year, the last time I'll have to take gym. Electives are Psychology and Christianity. That leaves me one free period which of course will be study hall.

Extra curricular activities I plan to be involved with are student government, school newspaper and of course the yearbook. I will be running cross country this year. A couple of my friends do and so I figured it's a good way to stay in shape.

But summer can't end until the family takes vacation. We have a family reunion in Michigan next weekend (Friday through Sunday). We'll go up there Thursday and return Monday. Fun, Fun. All the little cousins will drive me crazy. I'm the oldest of all the kids. Most are 10 to 12 year old range now. So guess who will have to probably babysit them when the adults decide to go out drinking. ME. Ugh.

This will probably be my last post here until late in August. I'll probably post next after the family reunion and tell you all about it.