Friday, June 19, 2009

No More Nukes!

Today, our wonderful Govenor of Ohio announced that a new nuclear power plant would be built along the Ohio River, near Piketon. In the announcement he cited how many jobs it would bring and how it is wonderful for our enviroment and how it's a big "green" energy source.

First off, sure, it would create a couple hundred jobs for a county in Ohio that has a 9.2% unemployment rate. Okay, I can't argue with that.

But Ohio has 2 nuclear power plants, both of which were shut down over a decade ago for safety reasons. We shut them down because of the threat of meltdowns. And from my research on the internet, ANY nuclear power plant is a threat to the area surrounding it up to 100 miles. Our country turned away from nuclear power almost 12 years ago and experts say today's nuclear power plants are no safer than they were back then. Remember, Three Mile Island near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Does anyone want another Three Mile Island?

Now the real argument, nuclear power is a "green" energy source? Um, why not create wind turbines, solar panel plant, or since it's on the Ohio River a plant that uses the energy of the river to create power? Our country needs to take the lead on wind turbines and solar panel for energy sources. And the Govenor of Ohio wants to take the lead in energy? So why not get on board with Obama and get tax credits for creating a wind turbine or solar panel plant? AH, now there's the reason! Too much tax credit and not enough tax revenue coming into the State of Ohio pockets!

My uncle is in the process of building wind turbines on his property about 20 minutes northwest of Columbus. He's investing $1.2 million to build 10 turbines. He expects to make twice that back each year from the tax credits and income from leasing the energy it creates. And I know a couple adults who also are investing in wind turbines or solar panels on their properties.

It's time for our country to start investing and building safe and more efficient energy sources. Wind turbines and solar panel farms is what we need. Someone needs to go slap our Governor in the face and remind him how dangerous a nuclear power plant could be. Should it have a melt down, the Ohio River would be polluted and would filter all the way down the Ohio Valley into the Mississippi River, not to mention about a 100 mile radius of radiation poisoning.

There will be a protest at the Ohio Capital on Monday, June 22nd and I plan to be a part of it.