Thursday, January 29, 2009

Crazy Weather

Well the past two days we didn't have school. We got about 9" of snow on Monday and Tuesday, thus closing schools for two days on Tuesday and today. We're getting snow again tonight and starting to look like we'll have another day off since the roads were still a disaster today. And this snow isn't going to make it any better.

If we are snowed out tomorrow, we'll have used up all of our calamity days. Then have to extend the school year. I hope that doesn't happen but it probably will happen.

Let's see, Tuesday, helped clean out the storage area at the Saints of America complex (aka The Catacombs). Boy was their some old stuff in there from some of the first members. Also played games on Facebook. Rest of the time I slept.

Today, lots of snow shoveling! Then bunch of us decided to build a huge snow fort, which is pretty common around here. Then of course snow ball fight. We did build some snow men too. Tonight, playing Hammerfall and other online games.

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