Thursday, January 29, 2009

Crazy Weather

Well the past two days we didn't have school. We got about 9" of snow on Monday and Tuesday, thus closing schools for two days on Tuesday and today. We're getting snow again tonight and starting to look like we'll have another day off since the roads were still a disaster today. And this snow isn't going to make it any better.

If we are snowed out tomorrow, we'll have used up all of our calamity days. Then have to extend the school year. I hope that doesn't happen but it probably will happen.

Let's see, Tuesday, helped clean out the storage area at the Saints of America complex (aka The Catacombs). Boy was their some old stuff in there from some of the first members. Also played games on Facebook. Rest of the time I slept.

Today, lots of snow shoveling! Then bunch of us decided to build a huge snow fort, which is pretty common around here. Then of course snow ball fight. We did build some snow men too. Tonight, playing Hammerfall and other online games.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sorry for lack of posting....

I've been on Facebook playing this fantastic D&D type role playing game called Hammerfall. It's really addicting to those of us who are fantasy role player types.

If you are on Facebook, friend request me. Ethan Mayle. Be sure in your friend request that you mention that you want to join my guild in Hammerfall, and I'll add you and send you invite to join my guild. Right now I'm level 13, trying to muster up enough power to take on the guards of city so that I can venture onward.

I'm also a big fan of Metropolis, Zoo Builder, Global Warming, Warlords, Mob Wars and Knighthood on Facebook. So if you play any of those too, make sure to let me know!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Farewell Party

It was a heartfelt moment last night as the youth at Hannah Neil Center For Children gave Coach Robinson a farewell send-off last night. The whole unit greeted him as he came in for his last night of work, and threw him a mini-party. That should say something about how much he means to the youth on his unit. All gave him a hug and wished him the best, and many actually tried to let him know that they wanted him back ASAP. He broke down and cried.

It just goes to show how much impact he makes on their lives.

God Bless you Coach Robinson. You may be a basketball coach, but to many you are a life coach.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Well, prayers didn't help!

Coach Robinson was laid off today. He worked night staff for Starr Commonwealth for three and a half years. He meant so much to the youth who are at the facility and keeps in contact with many of those who completed the treatment program and are now out in the normal world.

Out of the kindness of his heart he told them he would work tonight since tonight they only had one night staff and they have to have two. He'll be paid for working tonight. He also said by union contract they have to pay him severance for the next 30 days so at least he'll have base income for the next month, plus the current pay period. And at least his health benefits continue for another 30 days.

So now please pray that the employer will re-hire him back when they open up another unit, which they say they hope to do within 30 days. And also pray that maybe he finds a better job before that.

Hang in there Coach! I'm praying for you and so are hundreds and thousands of Saints!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jimmy Gets A Boner!

Hilarious video of Jimmy and the neighbor girl. Quality could be better, but it's still worth watching.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Snow Day #2

It was suppose to be good weather Sunday and Monday. The weather man blew the forecast again. It snowed most of the night and school closed for the second snow day of the year. That leaves us with three more snow days to use before we have to make them up.

I'm going to be doing some catch up work for the Saints of America. We have a bunch of new pledges whose applications need processing. The New Year is starting off good in pledges.

I'll probably also watch Omen IV: The Awakening. Most people knew about the first three movies, but there was a fourth! I finally found it on DVD, so I'll take time to watch it today.

Movies recently out in theatres or DVD that I recommend: The Day The Earth Stood Still (4 stars), Valkyrie (4 stars), Bangkok Dangerous (4 stars), Eagle Eye (5 stars), The Unborn (5 stars). Yes, I've seen The Unborn even though it is not out in theatres yet. Downloaded a bootleg online. 5 stars means I think its one of the best movies I've seen in the past year or so and worth price of admission in the theatres. 4 stars means it is a movie well worth watching and if you don't see it in the theatres it is a much see on DVD.

Also, recently rented The Accused (Jodi Foster) on DVD. 5 stars people! It's kind of old, early Jodi Foster movie, but damn, it was an excellent movie!

Well time to go surf the internet some more for more blog content. hehe.

Jon's Puberty Story

I'm sure we all have stories about our first time, or first moment. I guess YouTube had a contest some time ago having members send in videos about their first puberty moment. I tagged this with "humor" because in a way it is funny, after all, don't we all go back and laugh at our own first puberty moment?

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Someone who has meant so much to me, well...... his company yesterday announced they would be closing 2 of the 6 facilities, and laying off half of the workers at the other 4 facilities. Please pray for Coach Robinson, who has worked almost 4 years for a residential youth facility, and has meant so much to so many of us teens. By end of next week he could be unemployed and part of a national statistic. These troubled times is really striking close to home for me. So many of my friends parents, and adult role models, are being laid off and becoming unemployed.

PLEASE pray for ALL those who are recently unemployed. This economy is taking its toll and most of those I know are the kindest people I know. What is the quote? "The best people are the ones who struggle the most". Well, Coach Robinson is THE BEST. He has guided over 5000 teenagers to better lives. He has made a huge impact on many of our lives. It's a shame, no, a CRIME, that such a wonderful person is soon to be a statistic of the unemployed.


Friday, January 9, 2009

More Human Pretzels

I keep finding more!

Skinny White Boys Workout

Can you get any more skinny? If they keep working out, they'll wither up and blow away!

Let It Snow Let It Snow

They announced just a few minutes ago that they are letting us out of school early. We are in a winter storm warning. I guess this storm is coming further south than expected, and moving in much faster. Now they are saying instead of 3 to 6 inches of snow, we can expect 6 to 8 inches. Woohoo! It's gonna be fun with snow forts and snow ball fights this weekend.

Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

I know, Wham is gay as hell, but its a catchy song and this is a pretty creative video.

Can't Sleep

I guess I slept too much on our snow day. But I can't sleep too well tonight.

Yes, Thursday we had a snow day. It was pretty bad Wednesday night but by morning, well, frankly I am not sure why they canceled school. Road weren't bad at all. Maybe the wind chill?

So I spent most of the day sleeping and watching television. Tonight I've been watching COLD CASE on TNT. I love that show. A kid died after participating in a Fight Club and they were trying to solve his murder. A good episode.

Muskrats won again last night, beating Columbus Bulldogs. The Crusaders lost to the Wildcats so now the Muskrats have a 2 game lead in the conference. Muskrats gonna win the conference it looks like and win an automatic bid into the national playoffs.

We'll have school today, Friday. But they are calling for 3 to 6 inches of snow Friday night. Suppose to be a cold and snowy weekend.

That's all for now!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Took a Break

Sorry, I haven't been online much the past few days. I've been pretty busy.

School started back up today.

A couple of friends are in the hospital, one with pneumonia, and one had with diabetes. When friends go into the hospital I always go and visit. I know how much it meant to me when I was in the hospital and friends came to visit. So I do my best to visit my friends in the hospital.

My mom declared that I need to spend more time at home in 2009, and she's cracking down a bit on my online time. My grades slipped a little last semester and has got my mom in a frenzy. I don't know what the big deal is, just because I got a 3.75 instead of a 4.0 GPA? It's like she thinks the end of the world is coming because I got a B. Oh well. Life goes on. What did I get a B in? Economics. I hated that class and glad it is behind me.

This semester I have Speech, Government, Chemistry, Geometry, Computer Programming II, Psychology, and Music Appreciation. Yes a full boat of classes. The only one that will give me any problem is Speech. I'm not a person who likes to speak in front of a large audience. But, you have to take it, so I took it this year just to get it out of the way.

Psychology I'm going to like. I always find it interesting why people do things. It should really help with Saints of America (teen support group that I am in). And I'll find out if that is an area of study that I might consider in college. I've been thinking about becoming a child psychologist. I like helping people and I really like helping my friends who have issues or problems.

Well, that's it for today's blog entry.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Human Pretzel

People who can do the human pretzel trick always amaze me. I know several guys who can do it.

I think it's funny though, that anytime guys show off doing the trick in front of girls, the first question they ask is "can you s**k yourself"? Of course the answer is usually yes. Which of course leads to the girls daring them to show that trick too.

I can't do the human pretzel thing, but I can do the latter! hehe.

Extreme Satisfaction by TheJoeFrom1993

TheJoeFrom1993 is a 15yo kid from New Zealand who keeps getting videos banned on YouTube. Joe is very creative and imaginative and it's a shame that YouTube doesn't have a sense of humor. This video is definitely suggestive. But it's also funny. To me, this will go down as one of the all time classics by a teenager!

Recently someone threatened / promised to kill him this past December. Check out his blog for more information.

FYI, you can visit Joe's blog at or his YouTube channel at

Weeds Masturbation Etiquette

Still my favorite humor video about masturbation.

It is a fact of life that teenage males masturbate, and I'm no exception to that rule. Now, now, now, no asking me for details of my sex life! Well you can ask in email and I'll probably disclose some details that way, but not on this public blog!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


It was a wonderful New Years Eve party held by the Saints of America. I got to meet dozens of new teen friends. Everyone had a wonderful time without drinking or drugs. Many danced until 3 or 4am. I went swimming for the most part, and of course stuffed my face with the free food.

Today, a bunch of us will spend the day watching college football bowl games. I guess that is what most people do on New Years Day, watch college guys bash each other around. Can't you tell I'm not really a football fan. lol.

Well, here's hoping that everyone has a great 2009. I was going to say a prosperous New Years but with the condition of our economy, the best advice is try and survive our recession.

My New Years resolution? To lose my virginity. j/k. Mine is simply to try and better myself.