Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Issue 2, 3, and school issues

This November there are 2 issues on the ballot that are very important to the State of Ohio.

Issue 2 is an agricultural issue. It will reduce taxes on farmers, increase quality control of Ohio produce and foods, and help to keep Ohio farm products within the state. It also requires groceries to provide Ohio products only! Definitely want to vote FOR this issue.

Issue 3 is that casino issue. It just won't go away. Voters keep voting it down but it keeps coming up on the ballot. Each time it has failed by fewer and fewer votes. I guess they figure eventually it will get passed if they keep trying. I'm all for this issue. It will create jobs and generate $680 million in tax revenue. Our state deficit is $640 million. This issue alone will eliminate our state deficit and get our economy back on track. Opponents to the issue twist the words around to try and get this defeated.

Of course lots of school districts have issues on the ballot. Southwestern City schools have their issue again on the ballot. All sports were canceled this year since it didn't past the last time. So all the athletes transfered to other school districts. If this one passes they will restore sports beginning with Spring sports. But all the best athletes can't return until 2010-11, so their sports would suck this Spring. Several others may eliminate sports too if their issues fail.

The problem with these school issues is that so many people are unemployed and can't afford tax increases. And schools waste so much money. Did you know that administrative cell phone bills last year in Dublin City Schools cost almost $100,000! One school district contracted out for mowing the grass. WTF! Make the janitor do it. Geez.

Early October Update

Life has settled down for me lately. My grandfather is settled in with me and enjoying time with me and the Saints. He volunteers a lot of time helping out with the organization.

As for me, school keeps me pretty busy. I'm on Student Council again this year so usually every Monday evening I have duties for that. Classes are harder this year and requires me to study a bit more.

I'm helping out Adrian in communications with the Saints. He's struggling to get free time to do his job. School isn't easy for him and that is his primary focus. So for now I'm helping him with the Saints duties as much as possible.

I'm running cross country this fall. I'm not very fast but that wasn't the point of me running. I just wanted to get my exercise! I do find it helps clear my mind from issues, etc. And definitely helps me sleep at night!

That's all for now. Not really much exciting in my life at the moment.