Sunday, May 31, 2009

Speaking of sinning......

WARNING! Some may find this video offensive, so if an R-rated (or near X rated video) offends you, please don't view this video.

Basically, a video of a teen male being daring at the mall. The story behind it, was to see how many people would stop to see what he was doing, or would he simply go unseen?

Believe it or not, some girls saw him and he ended up getting a date with one of them! Of course, that was his plan the whole time.

Glamourous Boy

Another cute sing-a-long that I found. Yeah can't you tell I was bored this morning and surfing YouTube and other video places on the internet. Looks like this was filmed on a bus, probably a school field trip. Netherless, pretty nice little video.

Call me today!

Kind of an amusing little video of some kid in the 818 area code. He mentions his phone number in the video, which apparently was no longer in service, probably because he had a bunch of phone calls after he published the video. Enjoy!

What if Adam and Eve was really like this?

I couldn't help myself with this video clip. Really makes you wonder, what if Adam was gay?

They would have never mated and we wouldn't exist! So my next question becomes, who was the first gay male in all of mankind? Did God make the first gay male to make a joke?

I'm not gay, but I love watching joke videos making fun of homosexuals. I especially love that adverstisement "That's gay" with the 16 yo guy with a cheesy moustache. (that guy didn't seem to have a clue that he was just slammed by the black lesbian). LOL.

Well enjoy this video of Adam and Eve.

Singing Journey

This kid has a VERY bright future if he wants to be a singer! Future American Idol contestant? You have to listen to this video clip. I am sorry it's not the complete song. I'd love to get the complete video clip, or more clips from him. I'll have to work on that! But ENJOY!

Monday, May 25, 2009

I've sinned.......

Don't ask me why. I have no idea.

Last night, I got talked into going to a party down near the Ohio State campus. And honestly, I don't remember much of it. All I know, I woke up feeling queezy and numb. Yes, I apparently was drinking. It so happened, that Coach R, an elder of Saints of America and a youth counselor at a youth facility, apparently had called me about 4pm today and I had no idea where I was. Friends have just told me that Coach R managed to ask me a series of questions to find my location and drove out of his way to track me down and pick me up and keep me safe.

I feel very guilty right now. It is hard to explain, but I would never do something like this. I feel like I've been corrupted or something. The guilt is overwhelming. Now I know that God is watching over me even though I have humiliated him by drinking underage. I do not know what got into me. I know I've been stressed lately. I know that I was feeling down on life a bit. But that is no excuse. Thank You Lord for sending an angel to care for me. If Coach R had not gone out of his way to track me down, who knows, but I'd probably be passed out in some unsafe place. I promise you God, I will never ever do this again.

I am ashamed of myself. I also promise to sit down with my mom and talk about what I have done. (boy that is going to be an experience in itself). But again, thank you Coach R. It goes to show you really care about us and go out of your way to watch over each and every one of us in the Saints of America.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

School Winding Down, Summer Plans

School is down to one week of classes and then finals week. My grades are almost 4.0 so I'm not too worried. Only one final should be a challenge.

Summer, I will be pretty busy. I got a job at Huntington Park (the new Columbus Clippers Stadium) as an usher. Pay is decent. I also will be working Columbus Blue Raiders home games as a scorekeeper, running the scoreboards, not the score book. So every night for the most part I'll be working.

My duties with the Saints, I'll probably have someone helping me out with pledge information and emails. I just have to find someone who isn't very busy, and that is the challenge.

As for Saints initiation weeks, well, basically every two weeks is an initiation class, so lots of guys will be busy helping out with initiation.

That's it for now. I'll try and post more often, but don't count on it.