Saturday, January 10, 2009


Someone who has meant so much to me, well...... his company yesterday announced they would be closing 2 of the 6 facilities, and laying off half of the workers at the other 4 facilities. Please pray for Coach Robinson, who has worked almost 4 years for a residential youth facility, and has meant so much to so many of us teens. By end of next week he could be unemployed and part of a national statistic. These troubled times is really striking close to home for me. So many of my friends parents, and adult role models, are being laid off and becoming unemployed.

PLEASE pray for ALL those who are recently unemployed. This economy is taking its toll and most of those I know are the kindest people I know. What is the quote? "The best people are the ones who struggle the most". Well, Coach Robinson is THE BEST. He has guided over 5000 teenagers to better lives. He has made a huge impact on many of our lives. It's a shame, no, a CRIME, that such a wonderful person is soon to be a statistic of the unemployed.


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