Thursday, August 13, 2009

My mother passed away......

I'm sure many of you who read my blog and know me on Facebook have heard by now. My mother was in a car accident and died last night. I wish I could say it was the other person's fault but it wasn't. She had just finished working a 12 hour day and apparently wasn't paying attention and ran a stop sign, and a van going 55mph smashed right into the driver side door. She suffered a couple hours before she finally gave in.

Only a couple of you knew my mom had cancer and the worst kind. I've just never told many though anyone who would visit me at home could tell my mom was not doing very well. So I see this accident now as a blessing, in that she doesn't have to suffer any more.

Last weekend we had a family reunion and I guess we'll have another one this weekend. My mother requested no viewing and to be cremated. Her ashes and churn to be given to her sister in Michigan. The formal service will be Sunday at 1pm at the Great Hall of the Saints of America facility and social gathering to follow at the Boat House. It is NOT an open gathering. Only relatives. Small private affair. That is what my mom wanted.

Our house was to be given to me, but I'm sure my mom expected to live until I was old enough to live on my own. I guess since I'm not 18 whatever she gave me goes into a "trust" that will be turned over to me when I become an adult. I have relatives in Michigan, Colorado, England, and in Nova Scotia. The question is who can take me in. We'll decide that this weekend. But most likely I'll be moving away from Ohio.

Please, don't send flowers, cards or anything. Your sympathy and prayers are enough. I have lots of friends who are supporting and comforting me. Everyone, especially Coach Robinson, have been great. I love all of you, especially Coach, Doc, and all the Saints of America members. If I hadn't been in this organization I don't know how I'd be doing right now. So God Bless all of you. Oh yes, I'm sure Nana Ina has been praying for me. Thank you Ina!

I'll update my blog once I know where I'm going to live, and after the family gathering.

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