Thursday, December 4, 2008

Election Crap

Well the Election has come and gone. Obama won heh? Not that I don't like him, just that I was real sick on election day when people were asked in exit polls who they voted for and you heard things like "I voted for Obama because its about time a brother gets into office" or "I voted McCain because I am not voting for some damn nigger".
I think for people to vote they should have to answer a random question about the candidates. Something like "which candidate supports pro-choice in regards to abortion?". Make voters show they know something about the candidates and not just voting because a candidate is of a certain color, or a candidate is male or female, etc.
Another real stupid thing this election. People bitching about having to pay so much taxes, but then they went out and voted for everything to RAISE taxes. And people complain that we are losing our freedom of choices but then vote to restrict pay day loans so that people who are struggling to survive no longer can get the help they need from time to time. The voters all voted without thinking about the consequences.
We are in a recession. It's only going to get worse over at least the next year. If Obama can fix things, it will take time. A new President usually takes two years for anything to start taking affect on the economy.
I hope Obama lowers taxes on the lower and lower-middle class. 80% of Americans make less than $40,000 a year and live pay check to pay check. We raised the minimum wage but never raised the federal poverty level, forcing more and more Americans to live in debt. These 80% need a big tax break. McCain said he wanted to eliminate income taxes on those making less than $28,000 a year. Obama won't do that. I'm willing to bet he'll raise taxes heavily on the middle class and give only a slight tax break to the poor.
I just want to thank our parents, adults, and the generation before me for screwing up this nation and our economy.

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