Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Early October Update

Life has settled down for me lately. My grandfather is settled in with me and enjoying time with me and the Saints. He volunteers a lot of time helping out with the organization.

As for me, school keeps me pretty busy. I'm on Student Council again this year so usually every Monday evening I have duties for that. Classes are harder this year and requires me to study a bit more.

I'm helping out Adrian in communications with the Saints. He's struggling to get free time to do his job. School isn't easy for him and that is his primary focus. So for now I'm helping him with the Saints duties as much as possible.

I'm running cross country this fall. I'm not very fast but that wasn't the point of me running. I just wanted to get my exercise! I do find it helps clear my mind from issues, etc. And definitely helps me sleep at night!

That's all for now. Not really much exciting in my life at the moment.

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